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Cape Town scuba diving and shark diving are the two main specialties offered by Africa Diver - learn how to scuba dive while in Cape Town or the Western Cape. Enjoy the exhilaration of diving with Great White sharks in and around Cape Town. This web site is the definitive guide to South Africa's shark diving holiday travel and scuba training in Cape Town, South Africa. Africa Diver is based in Cape Town, South Africa and is a specialist dive training centre catering for beginner scuba divers up to Dive Instructors. Our focus is on PADI scuba diving training courses in Cape Town. We also include Shark Diving in Cape Town into the mix and cater for dive holidays to South Africa and Mozambique as well as other African waters..


Shark Cage Diving in Cape Town
Experience the biggest thrill of a lifetime with our conservation minded Great White shark cage diving in Cape Town South Africa. Our shark cage diving takes place in Gansbaai and Hermanus, where an abundance of great white sharks is prevalent, due to the amount of their primary food source - seals. Africa Diver offers great white shark cage diving tours - for one day, or longer. Each person on the boat gets at least one turn to get into a cage and face off against one of the greatest predators on earth, the great white shark.     more...

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Scuba diving courses in Cape Town
For travellers to Cape Town, we offer casual scuba diving, casual dives, boat dives, wreck dives and much more. We also have special seasonal trips to the sardine run. But we specialize in scuba diving courses. If you need a scuba diving course in Cape Town, then Africadiver is the premier training centre for all levels from PADI open water to PADI instructor. Our learn to scuba dive training courses in Cape Town are very popular as we usually have small groups with individual attention.

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